Mechanical Solutions

To view examples of how to use the Autodesk applications that are mentioned below, please clique on the link and continue to the link "Demonstration" in the left side menu.

Autodesk Inventor Professional
Autodesk Inventor with complimentary function to fulfil special engineering requirements. In addition to regularly functionality in Autodesk Inventor Series, AIP contains piping, circuit board generation and cabling.

Autodesk Inventor
Topclass 3D modelling. Excellent GUI with functionality and performance that makes it fun to work with. Easy to use assures a short learning curve and high productivity.

AutoCAD Mechanical
Adjusted version of AutoCAD with lots of functionality that helps in the daily work of the engineer. Mainly focused on 2D drawings.

Sheetmetal design and unfolding. Is available as both an integrated application in the CAD software as well as an independent Windows application.

Powerful and user friendly simulation software. Contains kinematics analysis, weight-, structural- and thermal- optimization functionality. Optimize your CAD model with DesignSpace.