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MCAD Simulation Services


MCAD AB has started its own simulation team in order to follow the growing customer demand of support and training in the area of digital prototyping.

Simulation is a very powerful tool for the investigation of critical features, failure avoidance and optimization of your products. Our simulation engineers are ready to provide a complete support to your simulation environment.  


MCAD AB is a one stop shop for simulation services:



MCAD is local partner ready to support the implementation of a simulation driven environment with training, support and dedicated consultancy projects:




Inventor Stress Analysis is a very simple and useful FEM tool which offers the possibility of performing easy upfront simulations directly from your CAD model drawn in Inventor. Suitable for linear static FEM Analysis and fully embedded in Inventor Professional. It also contains a dedicated Frame Analysis environment and a Dynamic environment for analysis of assembly motion.


Nastran In-CAD is the next step to make more complete and more complex simulations. This powerful FEM Analysis tool is also completely embedded in Inventor and SolidWorks. It includes: non-linear behaviours, dynamics, composites material models advanced vibration analysis and heat- expansion and transfer.


Video of Nastran In-CAD, general capabilities and Bolted Connection feature:


The higher-end simulation capabilities are achieved with the Autodesk Simulation product family. This includes Autodesk Simulation Mechanical and Autodesk Simulation CFD (as well as Autodesk Simulation Moldflow, Autodesk Simulation Robot Structural and more). The Autodesk Simulation Environment includes capabilities for advanced contact analysis, Mechanical Event Simulation, fluid flow, multiphysical coupling and more. 




Our simulation courses cover both: software functionalities and core concepts of the Finite Element Method (FEM). The goal is to give the users a full understanding to be able to perform trustworthy analysis and produce meaningful results.

Inventor Stress Analysis Course - ongoing:

-        Course description    

Courses in other environments/software – on development:

-        Courses in Inventor Dynamic Simulation, Nastran In-CAD, Autodesk Simulation and other simulation software are planned to be released depending on our customer’s needs.

 Customised training for customer specific problems:

-        E.g. courses more in depth of specific topics such as focusing only on frame analysis, Bolts, Welds or FEM-results in Vault or training on customer specific problems.


Simulation Support


Support with customer simulation environment is available for Autodesk products (Inventor Stress Analysis, Nastran In-CAD or Autodesk Simulation) and for other simulation related problems.

 Software related issues:

-        Software functionalities and error handling.

 Simulation analysis methodology:

-        Support regarding both analysis procedures and concepts.

 MCAD AB also offers the possibility of providing regular Simulation Support on customer site.





Simulations are the next frontier for the development of products but is often seen as a tool reserved only for simulation specialists. MCAD AB wants to help its customers in the implementation of a simulation driven environment inside the common development process.

Performing early simulations in the development of any product enhances the awareness and knowledge of the product and reduces the need of expensive physical prototypes.

A.     Improve or develop an analysis

-     Look into customer’s current simulation procedure; examine the work procedure and suggest improvements. 

-     Investigation of the problem; find suitable software and tools for the customer to use for the specific analysis.

-     Follow up, support and develop the method for the analysis.

B.     Standalone projects

-    Our customer often uses Inventor Stress Analysis and reaches the limitations of what the program can calculate. In such cases customers can hand over the problem to be solved and MCAD can provide the solution with the more powerful software at our disposal. Moreover, in order to offer the most complete Simulation Support, our Simulation Team is also skilled and ready to provide support and services within the most common simulation software out there such as Ansys and Abaqus.

For any question contact our Simulation Team specialists, Jacopo Gili and Malin Nordlund.